Reply To: Leadership Gaps

 Juliana Sih

Love these and feeling like I’m getting to know team much better. Here are the gaps I see:

– Ownership from beginning to end: I can be the type of person that will own something but will leave some gaps. I do like 70-80% and then be like “I’m good”. This year I am committed to thorough work, not just when its convenient or I feel like it.

– Asking for support and trusting team: Sometimes I’m afraid to bring all of me to team because I might be too much, be a debbie downer, be perceived as selfish or feel shamed for asking a stupid question and then being judged as incompetent. I am committed to asking for support and providing support all over the place with team and in my life.

-Empowering relationship with declare and fulfill: I don’t usually believe that I will fulfill on my declarations. I take a few actions steps and then get resigned or think “I’ve done enough”. I’m committed to breaking that up and discovering what it will actually take for me to fulfill.

-Speaking up: Its easy for me to wallflower, let other leaders talk, and for me to be left just silently observing. When you see me being super quiet, poke me, request that I just say whats on my mind no matter what.

-Owning my impact: When my SM is around I don’t think I am that important or that I make much difference. I tend to think others will handle it which leaves me as a lean back participant, almost out of the game. My commitment is believe that I am the one and be with all of the feelings that come with that.

There are probably more and going to continue expand this list!

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