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 Brittany Cotton

Hey Sabrina,

I am a tad confused, and I think I may not be the only one based on Nichole’s response. I notice we all keep using “viable” and “vetted” and that we might have different takes on that. I have it that vetted means we have spoken to someone at the location, they are enrolled, and they meet our CoS. And that viable means it looks like this may work, but its not flat yet with the location. Could you support your team in getting super clear what it is you would like from each of us by tomorrow at 10?

Also, I believe the initial request of team was that each of us have one place that meets our CoS and could be an option for the 3 final options we will choose from. In your last post it said three viable options by tomorrow, but I have it that we ought to have more than that if all of us are putting in a place? Hence Nichole’s post that “it occurs like we already have 3 so what else is needed”.

Training for team: As a reminder our stand is Excellence, and so we are committed to having multiple options for all of our speakers or field trips such that we can choose who will best represent our intention. When owning an accountability the expectation is that you bring us 3 options that meet our CoS and are enrolled, and then YOU enroll us in which one you see.

Sabrina- as leader of this I invite you to look at how its going, and who team is being? What do you see? Also, can you remind us of your breakthrough??


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