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Love all the action. I’m just getting clear on what’s so in this thread since the weekend and without having live conversations with any of you around this, what I can point to in the space is a context I’ll name “service without a smile” which is sort of like all action with no being.

We are all reporting/distinguishing/opining.  If we’re not already dripping in enrollment of the possibility that is the Service Project, let’s get enrolled in something! I’ll represence myself and all of us to what I’m enrolled in.

It’s Veterans Day and I am way outside my comfort zone! I know this feeling, the scent of elation mixed with anxiety, the voice of “I think I am about to…” tinged with “dare I…?” and “I will!” I am about to lead a team of participants who’ve said yes to their lives at a level most people don’t even dream of into unknown territory. I’m about to cause, participate in and witness transformation in the participants as they confront their stuff, go beyond where they want to stop, make an incredible difference for a human life and their own in a way they may never have before. They will witness themselves as we see them, as givers of light, as service providers, as leaders, and they’ll connect dots for themselves we won’t know until that moment. I LOVE that moment in this work where new possibility and new life can become simply from choosing being in the face of fear. I’m excited to bring that to the women at Rachel’s Place, Father Joe’s, or whichever we choose?

Last year the SP fell during a module right after my family was mourning the loss of Jeremy’s dad. He served the country in the military and to be fully here I created the biggest both-and I could have that module and got reenrolled in the ridiculous, incredible honor and gift that I hold being able to do this work as. Who else will get enrolled in something that will cause a breakthrough because you say so?

Jeff I’d love to support with Father Joe’s! I have Liza’s contact info, is that who you were in touch with?

Would love your leadership vision Sabrina per Bs request around what you’re requesting of us specifically by 10am tomorrow, and have an hour at 10am ET set aside to create!





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