Reply To: Therapist leader enrollment


Brilliant Charlie! – What had you stop? You had me on the edge of my seat with the opportunity you see of abundance and simplicity!

What will you do, Leader, with Juliana’s offer to support and Jeff’s progress report?

May I remind us all that none of this is designed to have us suffer, survive, and wait. Declaring leadership of – well, anything, but in this instance an accountability – is to catalyze and cause breakthroughs – for ourselves and for team.

In my accountability power hour tomorrow I’m going to reach out to 3 unknown therapists in SD who look to be doing amazing things and share about me and my work, and create a new relationship. If they’re extra cool I’ll invite them to serve our team! My life without therapy would be…well, let’s not go there. My life is so rich gracias a la mezcla de coaching y terapia! <3

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