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 Tiffany Turner

Hey Team –

Nichole and LKT are supporting me in creating an enrollment for module 2, and I’d love to share where we’re at and open it up to team to also support me.

I believe the biggest thing our team is playing for right now is reg. So that’s what I see as most enrolling to generate. I’ve already made a declaration to create two registrations by Nov 9, and I do not have any hot leads. So I need support in creating structures that would have me be in enough action to generate 2 registrations in 2 weeks. I also declared the generation of workshops, and I haven’t fulfilled on the creation of an LA workshop yet. I have it that this is action that supports my declaration of two registrations. More in the workshop thread about where LA PTL is at.
Outside of that, I’m looking at:
  • Who I can be to Team to cause more registrations?
  • What’s the impact of my absence Saturday and half of Sunday? > How to I leave team better even though I’m not there?

Please share what you see for me!

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