Reply To: The Power of Observation and Workshop — What will you declare?

 Tiffany Turner

Team, I’ve been in and out of action around LA and SD workshops, and I’ve learned a lot, which I want to share with team.

A few weeks ago Britt shared with me that another AC leader, Cailin, who lives in LA, had expressed interest in leading a PTL in LA. I was SO excited at the idea of someone being self-enrolled in leading the LA PTL that I dropped all my other leads and just focused on working with Cailin. It took a week for Cailin and I to connect, and on that call we discovered that with only two weekends between that call and module 2, we actually have to host the workshop on Nov 2 or 3, and she has a conflict and can’t lead.

This was important learning for a few reasons: Caitlin seemed like an easy choice to create the LA workshop with, so I stopped there. If I had been in action from Abundance, I wouldn’t have dropped my other leads/conversations, and the LA workshop would likely be in a different place right now. I also didn’t communicate even the basic details, had I sent a short text saying, “this workshop needs to happen before Nov 9, are you still available/enrollable?” I would have learned a week sooner that Cailin was Out. So being proactive in sharing the CoS upfront.

So now, I want to share where this leaves us: we need a venue, a PTL leader, and registrations. I’ve reached out to every active AC leader in the LA and SD area, asking them for partnership in leading PTL as well as venue ideas. I have not ventured to reach out to “retired” AC leaders, or people outside of LA/SD.

From here, I see two paths: one is to play full out for SD’s Nov 9 workshop, and not to an LA workshop. The second is to get into simple, flat action to generate an LA workshop for Nov 2 or 3.

I recognize that I wanted to lead this from a place of generating results, and I didn’t generate any results. I also chose to relate to this LA workshop as less important than other teammates support needs, breakdowns, or module 2 production, and from that place, I didn’t bring what’s so, or requests for partnership sooner (bringing things sooner is one of my growth edges). I also want to own that I’ve made several day/timezone related mistakes this past week, awareness of timeline to host an LA workshop being one of them.

Will everyone please share what they see? I’ll continue to be in action around an LA workshop and inviting people to SD workshop on Nov 9, until we make a team decision.


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