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 Brittany Cotton

LKT Thanks so much for re-presencing us to the bigger picture, and the Being of all that we are doing. As a reminder this whole service project is about Being and Be with. I wonder how each of us are already in that conversation, or have forgotten about it! I sure did. I gotta own that in leading this team, and being the One responsible for the program to be a go, I am totally reliable to get caught up in the doing and err on the side of management. Thanks again and again for everyone’s patience with me.

I will bring this to production but I think we need some reinvention as a team on how its going with accountabilities. I see silos, separate and alone, a gap in complete ownership, and some “passing the baton.” I think this is a function, in part, to what LKT was pointing to––that we are all in the doing of it in ways that is not serving our leadership, team, or breakthroughs. I invite us to recreate who we want to be as a team when it comes to accountabilities and put a stop to silo/separate and alone work. It seems we are running and operating on top of breakdowns and a not so stable foundation that has an accountability move in a chunky disempowered way, versus the fully empowered possibility I know we are all capable of.  I have it that from essence we would have this flat a week ago with an abundance of options.

Again I’m sure we will discuss on production but wanted to bring it here, and offer my enrollment of one of the places I have called this morning.

St Paul Senior Services- this is a senior living facility near the airport, that is delighted to have us on Monday morning. Hugo the volunteer coordinator let me know that our group could come join their residents while they eat lunch, and then spend time with any of them in their rooms. I see this opportunity as a way for our participants to be in different rooms and positions and truly get to experience themselves by way of their being. Whether they are sitting with someone in their room chatting, helping them eat, or simply sitting with them as they enjoy lunch, it will provide them with the opportunity to simply be present, be, and get into relationship. I love the idea of our peeps immersing themselves in Being, and doing so among a community that is often in isolation. I also see the possibility of this being confronting based on who they end up sitting with, what their room is like, how they eat, if they need help, etc.

I have also left messages for: the Braille Institute and the VA Hospital.

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