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 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Team!

The declaration is to have the service project flat by 11am PST tomorrow (Wednesday 10/30/19). 

In service of that declaration we have just a few gaps to fill.

My request of team is that we have our 3 locations to choose from TODAY so that I can bring a location to the team to create enrollment around. Right now I would love for that location to be Father Joe’s. I see that we have a gap to fill in connecting with Father Joe’s. Jeff & team- how can I/we support you?

Here is what I have as what is so:

-Father Joe’s: Jeff is in conversation, or trying to be, and we are not sure that this location meets our COS and can accommodate us. Jeff- will you please get some clarity around this location today and report here on how that goes?

-St. Madeline Sophie’s Center: Sabrina is in conversation and has the green light from the facilities manager and volunteer coordinator. Gaps to fill here include arrival and departure time and what exactly we would be doing when on site. It is also a further distance.

-St. Paul Senior Center: Britt has the go ahead from this location.

-Golden Living: Britt has the go ahead for Bingo. This could be fun but we are looking for potentially more opportunity for Being With.

Please let me know what you need from me and our team/what you see. Let’s use all of this excitement to get an amazing location enrolled for our awesome participants to visit!!!

All my love;


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