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I can understand how playing Bingo might not bring up what you want in participants around being with. I personally see it differently. There is something triggering for me in a different way when I see people coming together like that. Let me see if I can explain what’s in my head…

The thing about the service project that had me break down was not being with the veterans. It was when I heard the giggle of a toddler girl who was visiting her grandpa. That is when I lost it and had to leave the building and get some air. I couldn’t be with anything after that which was why I wound up volunteering to sling food in the kitchen. I was so emotional, that was all I could handle.

It was the innocence of laughter and the gift of presence and delight in the midst of the circumstances that touched my core. I don’t think I would describe it as hard to be with. It was like so much love and emotion and simplicity in the connection that it triggered the crap out of me and I still have a hard time explaining why.

So my point is, don’t rule out Bingo. It might surprise you at what it brings up. And the unexpected sources of enlightenment can be the most interesting.

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