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 Sabrina Pratt

Got it! Or, at least, I think I got it! 🙂

Thanks for what you’re all putting in- I can’t see it until you say it so I do appreciate that! My improv team often says things like “We can’t read your mind!” & “Please tell us how to help!” and I’m like, “Come on! Read my mind!” haha. Ok- yes, so.

Would you be willing to ask for exactly what you need from each of us, so that this declaration is possible? Yes- absolutely. I need things flat with these 3 locations. I see that Jeff & LKT will have things flat with Father Joe’s by EOD Thursday, which won’t have us at the declaration for tomorrow. So- there’s just a gap.

I was requesting more locations in the interest of more “being with” opportunity and the confronting piece that Britt shared with us at the last module. I see that the options we currently have seem to have a relatively low gradient for “being with” from our participants who are self-proclaimed “sufferers” and already in facility with their compassion. If we as a team are aligned that we have what we need from the locations already listed then I am confident moving forward with these and would not need more in the pot at this point.

I hope that clears things up a bit! Thank you all for working in partnership with each other and me to produce some awesome options. My own breakthrough that I see available here is “working with team to create effortlessly and from a place of fun” so I am interested in continuing to create breakthrough around leadership in not just doing the thing by myself.

Thank you!

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