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 Brittany Cotton

Hey Jeff,

I have some training for you similar to what I gave Sabrina. I notice many of us are doing this thing where we say one thing, and then the next time we check in with team it’s a little different– which I think is creating some “passing of the baton” and not being in partnership, leading ultimately to incomplete work.

What I mean: The request was that each of us put forth 1 vetted therapist by EOD tomorrow. And then you just asked “how is everyone doing in getting 3 vetted by EOD tomorrow”. I don’t have to be right but I see that this could lead to, “oh we just need three, other people are on it.”

As a new team we are still in process of forming, learning each others communication style, and some of us learning how all of this works. I think as we really come together its imperative that our communication is thorough and we are super clear with each other on what we need, what’s so, etc.

Would you be willing to model direct consistent communication?  🙂

My update:

I have Stephanie who is a yes and is going to reach back out to me and let me know if she in fact is available on Sunday.

I am also in communication with two offices who have 5+ therapists. I have emailed them all the info and am waiting to hear back if they have anyone who would be interested.

I also got a number from Charlie, which he got as a recommendation from one of the people his therapist recommended. I will try her this afternoon- her name is Sophie


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