Reply To: Charlie’s stand for himself to lean on team and let in the love


Hi Charlie. Thanks for sharing all of that with us. I would love to be one of your completion buddies. I’ll reach out.

I went through (and continue to experience) issues with Noah and school. Not to the level you are describing with Lillian. Noah’s defiance is a little more internal and self-sabotaging versus outward and expressive. I really feel for you. It’s like one of those things we have to do for our kids (literally, it’s the law, which don’t get me started on), so when they refuse or make it difficult it can feel so disempowering and frustrating. It sounds like you’re both wanting to have some control over the situation and it sounds really painful. I’m so sorry. We wound up finding an amazing therapist for Noah, who we also recommended to a friend of ours whose son was experiencing issues more similar to what you are having with Lillian. If you think that might be a good path for her/you, let me know and I can share the information. I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds by offering that, but just putting in what is coming to mind.

Regarding all the details around your properties, partnership, and all the messes you are cleaning up… I am picturing you in that excavator all over your life. Excavating the crap out of everything. What support could you put in place to hand some of that stuff off and have someone else deal with it? You’re not saying that’s what you want, so again I apologize if I’m inserting unwanted advice here, but dude! What you’re describing as what you want to create and what you’re spending your time on are not in alignment. What would shift that? I remember us having a marcopolo conversation about your tendency to do the work yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it just because you can and it seems practical. This level of excavating doesn’t seem practical. How can we support?


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