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I got the email and phone contact for the volunteer coordinator at Father Joe’s.  Her name is Kia Howard. I sent her an email and left her a voicemail. Her voicemail states that due to a high level of inquiries to expect to hear back in three business days. I also talked to the volunteer coordinator at their clinic. She said they didn’t have any volunteer opportunities there.

My gut feeling is that Father Joe’s might not be a good fit for what we’re proposing. I get the sense volunteer coordination is a huge task for them and that accommodating a large group to come in and out as a one-time thing might not be a priority for them. Of course I can keep trying to get in touch and would love to be wrong about that, but I think we should keep looking and not consider Father Joe’s one of the options unless we hear something concrete.

Another option could be PATH: Although I’m not sure kids wouldn’t be present. On that note, are we sure there wouldn’t be kids at Father Joe’s? A lot of the shelters make families a priority. This is why I didn’t have more recommendations in that space. Most of the organizations I’ve volunteered with serve families and children.

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