Reply To: Charlie’s stand for himself to lean on team and let in the love

 Charlie Horn

Thanks Jeff Nichole and Tiffany. I have Monday’s Thursday’s and fridays from 10 until 2:30 open right now. Let me know what times you can commit to and if those don’t work what days and time do. I am so grateful for your commitment to me.

Nichole, thank you for sharing what has been going on with Noah. Lillian’s mom and I have had Lillian seeing a therapist since we separated. Her first therapist was amazing and she left the therapist field to pursue other business opportunities. Her new therapist is still creating relationship  with Lillian and she is doing well. It’s really interesting because Lillian is no different than the rest of us and when she is loved and accepted for who and where she is at no matter what that looks like all the negative behaviors seem to just melt away and she is just pure joy and creativity. It is a cycle of life for us that we do every other week. Today she didn’t make it to school but tomorrow she will. I can see it in her being that the morning will go well. We have her backpack ready and clothes out. She is wearing her costume to school in the morning and we are doing lunch on the lawn. I have the pop up tent in the back of the truck and we are going to meet my sister and niece for lunch. Lillian has 4 cousins that go to the same school as her which is so great.

I appreciate and am open to everything you have and see for me Nichole. It has been a practice for me to not be doing at work. I have stepped back about 90% from where I was a year and a half ago and 99% from where I was a few years ago. And the pendulum has swung full tilt to the opposite side which has given me a huge opportunity to see so much more than I could have when I had my nose to the grindstone. The support I need right now is in actually being a leader in my work life. I see this year as the place to practice leadership all over my life. At work, with Lillian, with her mom, with you all, with my clients (when I finally get hired)  eventually with my romantic partner, with my family and friends. I need to up level my actions around all of these areas of my life. And certainly not from doing but from being. From being calm open forgiving compassion love deserving worthy. What I need is to next level my stand for myself to get what I want and need. To find the path at every turn that will allow for it all to be possible.

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