Reply To: The thing I don't want to talk about but kind of have to since I brought it up.

 Charlie Horn

Nichole, great awareness of what you were carrying around. Keep  an eye out for the opportunity/silver lining/positive consequence. It can be very automatic to plan for the worst case scenario and miss the opportunity that comes with what is usually taken as a terrible blow. You got this and I will reach out to you tomorrow by text to see if/when you want to talk about it. I have been through a couple legal battles that became battles because I saw them as such. One of them was for daily fines of 72,000 for a tenant who was operating illegally and my partner was getting involved which opened me up to personal liability. I flipped my lid when I was served and it all worked out for me in that case and the tenant ended up settling the case. What I lost was the capacity I exhausted in worrying about it all and the time to go to court. I trust that it will all work out for you and whatever the outcome there will be positive consequences that will have you in a better place than if this case never happened. Keep an open mind and take care of your well being and I will support you on getting complete before you go in. You are grace and beauty and power and integrity. No one can mess with that. It is who you are.

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