Reply To: Therapist leader enrollment

 Jeff Miller

Thank you all for being in action around finding a Therapist!

It is so perfect that I would be supporting Charlie in leading this accountability. My wife and I have been strongly considering going to see a therapist together and I truly see amazing value from seeing a therapist. This accountability has giving me some great insight on what to look for and who will be the one for me and my wife. I am taking this into our decision to choose the therapist. This goes against my wanting to just get it done and move on to the next accountability. I am playing for a breakthrough in self trust and connecting with every therapist that I speak with.

I will be dedicating two hours today to calling, following up and researching more therapists. The plan is to have everyone on team submit one therapist that meets our COS by the EOD today. Charlie and I will then go through all of the options and present 3 options to team with the person we see as THE ONE to come and speak to our participants. Our intention is to present this to team by 1pm tomorrow and to have this flat by EOD tomorrow. What does everyone need to make this happen? Is everyone willing to keep going and create options from abundance?

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