Reply To: Service Project Vision

 Brittany Cotton

Hey team!

I just got off with Joyce at the VA in Chula Vista, it is confirmed that we can come and do a similar thing that we did last year. She isn’t working that day, and doesn’t have anyone working, so there wouldn’t be anyone to give us a tour. But since I have been before she says I am welcome to come and bring the group to the library and cafeteria– sit with people, help them with trays, just be in service and relationship with everyone in the cafeteria. She says she will notify security ahead of time so that they know.

While I see this is a great option, it also is a little up in the air as no one will be there to support us, so if no residents are in the library or in the cafeteria, we will be SOL.

What I see is that we have three options that are enrolled in us coming– St Paul, Golden Living, Chula Vista VA Hospital.

Sabrina as leader, and from leader –– what’s next? what do you see?

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