Reply To: The Power of Observation and Workshop — What will you declare?


T, I acknowledge the spirit that you brought to the conversation and appreciate the lessons learned for future progress.

We talked about self-enrollment at the last module. I see observation as a huge source of self enrollment for potential participants. Who do you know who could use a little boost in self enrollment? Need help starting a conversation? Here’s some ideas…

“Hey! I want to share an opportunity with you to get a little peek of some of the work I’m doing in my Leadership and Coach Training Program. I’ve gotten so much out of the work and thought you might enjoy observing it. It’s a chance to just listen in on some really powerful leaders in the process of facilitating some major growth and transition. It’s hard to explain in words how interesting it is, I would love for you to come and check it out for yourself. Bonus: There’s a workshop afterward so you can dive right into the work if you liked what you experienced. Let me know if you want more info. I’d love to see you there.”


“Hey! What are you doing next Saturday? Would you be interested in coming to an observation and workshop I’m helping to facilitate? It’s part of the Leadership and Coach Training Program I’m part of. You know, the one that has totally transformed my life! It’s so fun and fascinating to sit in these observations and witness the transformation. Interested? I’d love to share more. Lemme know!”

So many ways to connect! I could do this all day. Hope this if helpful in starting some convos!

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