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 Jeff Miller

Thanks Nichole and Charlie for responding. Nichole, to answer your questions directly, we don’t “need 10” therapists. The idea of each one submitting is a little more than a nice to have. What I notice, especially from the post you just put in, is that we as a team are in overwhelm. And I totally get it. We have a good amount of accountabilities to produce, our own coaching practices, and our own lives. When I get into overwhelm I try to laugh. Because it is actually ridiculous for me to let myself be in overwhelm when this is the life I have created. I quickly slip into “have to0” versus “get too.” We get to play with abundance and choose the best therapist or service project location. We get to take on this work so that we can move past the typical overwhelm and get what’s behind that. That is this work! That is why when I get in the “I don’t wanna’s” I remember that there are breakthroughs to be had.

What I notice now, is that we have 3 options for service project and 0 for therapist at this point. I will be continuing to make calls and follow ups and I am declaring that WE will have at least 3 options generating by team by the EOD today.

What is everyone else doing? LKT, Juliana, Sabrina? How can we get and give support to continue to generate our breakthroughs?

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