Reply To: Therapist leader enrollment

 Brittany Cotton

Thanks Nichole!

I actually have it we are saying the exact same thing! The request for each person to have one therapist by end of day keeps not happening, so being asked again and again seems super odd and wonky to me. If something isn’t creating the result you are looking for, it would be insane to keep doing the same thing.

We could look at whats missing here as each person bringing one therapist, or we could look at who team is being, what else we might try, what is having it go this way, how else we might get our 3, what other options we have as a team to generate, what would could create as a team instead of 1 each, etc.

I don’t have it we need 10 therapists by any means. I am simply suggesting that we actually create something different in service of us getting three. Anyone have any ideas?

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