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 Brittany Cotton

You know what I just realized is so perfect. This module has 3 major module specific accountabilities. This is the only module like this,  and of course its the second one as we are Forming our team. Oh the beautiful coincidence!  The overwhelm, the not sure where to put attention, all of it is totally normal and part of our creation as a team.

What I love about this work is the opportunity for all the different viewpoints and ways of seeing something. It allows for so much possibility, and gives us the opportunity to really REALLY look at who we are, how we want to be as team, etc.

Nichole you wrote it may be going this way as a result of “everyone trying to put a little bit of themselves in each bucket instead of putting themselves powerfully into one bucket.” And I totally agree, though in a way that may be different to how you were seeing it. I see that we are trying to put a little bit of ourselves in each bucket (accountability, task, game, conversation, etc) instead of putting ourselves powerfully into one bucket (TEAM!).

What I see is that we haven’t had a breakthrough in team, and this is the stuff of creating it! these conversations, these breakdowns, these back and forths. My guess is if we were truly being Team, and knew what that meant for all of us, it would go different. From TEAM we could create “divide and conquer” but for 4 days we did that separate causing us all to run on little hamster wheels cause it wasn’t actually created from team, just our own overwhelms.

So again my suggestion is a power hour on monday morning where we all play full out. Who else has an idea?

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