Reply To: Therapist leader enrollment

 Tiffany Turner

Britt thanks for presence-ing us to Therapist being the only thing OUT right now.

I notice our team is doing a lot of distinguishing, and not so much action/results.

Britt shared something with me before module 1 when I was standing for Charlie to generate Massage Therapists, she said, “T. producing the program for these participants is the highest priority,” and that reminded me that I could stand for a breakthrough for Charlie, and allow for that to look any way, rather than how I’ve normally seen it go.

So I’ll invite team to get into action to generate module 2 so that we’re delivering on our commitment to these amazing souls.

Jeff I have a confirmed therapist, her name is Sarah Cooke Ruggera, her #858-735-1139. She’s expecting to hear from you! Sarah is SO excited about AC and what we’re up to. She said she’s looking forward to having a group of coaches to refer people to as she’s clear how some people need coaching, some need therapy, some need both, and that not every person is the right fit, so the bigger network to refer to, the better. She was so natural, authentic, and created partnership with ease.

One therapist down, two more to go. Who has someone?

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