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 Brittany Cotton

Thanks so much for your swing Sabrina! And for bringing to our vision your breakthrough 🙂

When I first read your enrollment earlier this afternoon, I was not enrolled. And I wasn’t really sure where it was coming from, so I decided to give myself the afternoon to percolate. Just now I came back to this and re read your post, as well as Nichole’s regarding the Bingo. I appreciate where you both are looking, and I can see from that vantage point, whats funny is I really really wanted to be enrolled. SO I read both posts again.

Im still not enrolled, and here’s why. The intention of the service project is to deeply model Be With, in a way that our participants are simply left to their Being, and Be with, with nothing to hide behind. To give them this amazing experience which may confront the hell out of them, but by weekend’s end they will get that they themselves have everything they need to Be With, and it is something they can cultivate and create for themselves. It’s a true muscle. We stand for the service project to be SERVICE by way of Being, not by doing. When doing is involved we actually get to hide behind it. We know how to Do, we are far less trained in Being. While I can see how Bingo, thanks to Sabrina and Nichole, could absolutely be a place of Being and Be with, it also takes away from simply Being with another human. Both have something to focus on that is a distraction from just being with each other. I know it could also not be, and that someone could have the most amazing Be With experience, but I’m not enrolled in us choosing an option that has an activity where our participants can hide behind. Or focus on. It actually takes away from the intention of the field trip.

Nichole you so beautifully described what your experience was of being with the innocence and laughter, and how this is something that could be created with Bingo and could lead to Be with. I can see that to. You then wrote, “I couldn’t be with anything after that which was why I wound up volunteering to sling food in the kitchen. I was so emotional, that was all I could handle..” This is so freaking powerful, and reminded me of why I’m not enrolled in Bingo. We actually don’t want to give our participants anywhere to run to. We want them to have the experience of having to Be With, no matter what comes up.

Im reminded of sitting outside the Veterans hospital with Quinn when he was so triggered and taken out by being of service to a community that has typically misgendered and not understood him. I remember the power of him creating the bravery to walk in, and even getting taken out and needing to breath. I have it if we gave Quinn a task or a job, we would have robbed him of the many breakthroughs that were available that day, in those moments.

For this, and all our participants, I am not enrolled in Bingo.

ALL OF THIS TO SAY, Julio and I didn’t go into crazy logistics about time. They are enrolled in us coming, but it could be we get there earlier, or have other rooms to be in as well. So I have it Golden Living could also offer us something other than Bingo. It’s all possible, and I’m simply not currently enrolled in Bingo being what we are looking to create. Though of course, I’m open to being enrolled 🙂

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