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 Sabrina Pratt

HI Team!

Thank you to Brittany & Nichole for what you’re putting in around this project. I love it. This conversation and practicing enrollment has been making me wildly uncomfortable over here so I say “bring it on!” Let’s keep playing with it!!!

Brittany- Thank you for representing me and our team to the purpose of the service project. I am sitting with your response and I am still with the idea that Bingo is not a lot of doing and that breakthroughs do not have to look like tears or feel like pain. I am reminded of our last module when Julianna asked each of us to go around the room and “be vulnerable” and I said, “I am sure I could cook up some tears and share some horrifying traumatic story of my own but, truth be told, it is very vulnerable for me to trust the team enough to continue to show up in joy and light.” That is actually something new and very vulnerable for me.

I get that you had an experience with Quinn last year where you witnessed a breakthrough Quinn was creating. When we were at the VA hospital I didn’t get all triggered outwardly but that did not mean I didn’t have my own breakthrough experience in being. Riding in the backseat with Jeff Graw to and fro the location was probably the breakthrough in being for me. And no one could have predicted or managed that, right?

While at the location I actually ended up talking with 5 different people and then I had lunch with a nice 92 y/oman who used to be a silent business partner in a comedy club! How cool! We bonded over the shared experience of being in a room with people who are all laughing and loving and knowing that our money and energy was creating a good time. It was really amazing. The take away that I had from that day is that I didn’t see it coming, I never ever would have thought that this man and I had something so deep and personal in common. I think about him all the time. We also both LOVE board games and chess. He really wanted to play chess with me after lunch and I wanted to also but we had to go. It pulled at my heart.

Hosting game nights at my house are a really powerful way that I build community and connection. Sure we are all “doing” something but we are also laughing, connecting and being. When I coach improv scenes I often coach my players to get their bodies in motion- to not just sit and stand face to face talking. I do this because when the body and the mind are engaged there is so much room to connect on a heart level, to truly relate to each other and to get right into your being with each other (and that’s where some really rich freaking comedy comes from!).

I am stand for BINGO. Perhaps more powerfully now than ever as this conversation has had me really examine what it is about this option that has deeply captured and powerfully enrolled me in opportunity for our participants AND for the wonderful humans at Golden Living that are available to connect through play. I continue to see powerful opportunity present for the participants to truly experience what it is to be with their being at every opportunity. I am also very present that we can set up all the circumstances to “facilitate the breakthrough” that “we” want to create AND it will go the way that it goes. I am reminded of Kerry sharing that we are in a people business. This is going to go the way that it goes- be it in a rough neighborhood with a lot of attackers or a more relaxed setting on a Monday near an airport. I am certain that whatever our choice of location will be, our participants will empower this experience and we will enroll ourselves and the team in creating this breakthrough.

Let’s keep having this conversation! I would love to hear from Britt & Nichole AND the rest of our team. What do you see? What do you say?

All my love;


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