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OBSESSED. I am obsessed with Bill Gates. I have not watched that documentary yet because I’m afraid that it’s going to do something to me. I know that in spite of all I am already doing in the world, I am still playing small. I know that. And I know that if I watch this documentary it’s going to inspire me to stop playing small and that scares me because I know I’ll have to give up some things that I’m not ready to give up.

My super powers are creative problem solving and community building. I think I have brought this up before. The problem solving is part of my winning strategy, which is what keeps me trapped in my business, and I think the way out of the trap is through community building, which I never knew how to monetize before now, so it wasn’t something I focused on earlier in life.

Have you read Outliers? It’s incredibly fascinating. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read it so I won’t share too much, but it breaks down the people in the world that we view as prodigies (such as Bill Gates) and how their stories of success all have common threads of putting in the time (10,000 hours makes an expert) and being given the opportunity to focus on it (typically tied to socioeconomic status). It’s that simple. Do the work. Stay focused. Get supported. Make an impact.

If I was known around the world for my super powers, I would be President of the United States.

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