Reply To: The Impact of Our Super Powers

 Jeff Miller

Wow! T thanks for starting this and sharing about Bill Gates. I actually didn’t know a lot of that about Bill, but it totally does not surprise me. That guy is a freaking rock star. The one thing I remember reading about Bill Gates is when he became the riches man of the world, he said that he won’t remain the riches man in the world because he is dedicated to so many causes and charities that he will end up giving a lot of it away. So refreshing and amazing to see.

Nichole thanks for sharing and I totally see those as your super powers.

I will have to circle back to this one. I am actually not sure about what my super power would be. I have been told that I am able to have conversations with anybody and people open up to me. Other than that I am not sure. I pride myself on being disciplined on working hard, but as Bill Gates shows there is a whole bigger game to working hard. Anyway, that is all for now, but I will do some thinking about this topic and add more later.

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