Reply To: Overwhelm

 Jeff Miller

Nichole, you are a freaking rock star! And yes for all of the things you do, but also for who you actually are. My experience of you is that you are an amazing Mom, friend and boss. You are the kind of person that has huge capacity and is always willing to help those that you love. So amazing to see and be around!

Sounds like you are working yourself on this go around of overwhelm. What I would point to is while our relationship to overwhelm feels real, overwhelm is actually a made up thing. Kind of like time. Yes we have 24 hours in a day but everything else is made up nonsense. Store hours, meal times, how much people work in a day are all things that people just made up and we have taking up as fact. And while we may need to operate at times with these constructs, out relationship to overwhelm is where the gold is. Every time I get overwhelmed realizing that I am blessed and have a great life simply because I have food, clothing and shelter brings me back to reality. It is a gift that all of us have these things come up. It means we are on the right path.

I want to acknowledge you for creating a schedule that works for me and plugs the power leaks that you have realized exist.


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