Reply To: Absences & Team Breakdowns

 Jeff Miller

Hey Sabrina,

Thanks for putting this on loud speaker. With all the love in my heart, can you do me a favor and put the “this is my first rodeo as program coach” statement in the garbage? You are a freaking bad ass coach and leader on this planet. Whether this is your first year or 10th year as a program coach, you do not need to qualify anything that comes out of your brilliant brain. Every time you bring something we all get value. Whether you are coming from SM and incomplete of dropping leader bombs from above the weeds. You and we are all so powerful that withholding things or qualifying ourselves just doesn’t make sense. And I am saying that to myself as much as to the team.

As far as team absences, my request a while ago is for all of us to please fill out the “team absences” tab on our google doc. We all have busy lives and are doing amazing work on this planet. If there is a conflict that will come up down the road please let it be known and create the enrollment now.

As far as T’s absence for Module #2, it definitely lands a little bit like hearing a great setup for a joke and a weak punchline. T, your enrollment coming back onto the team was legit. And since, things like an LA workshop and enrollment for missing the first day and half of module #2 has pretty much not happened. And it lands like, I am busy doing XYZ and it is what it is. I want to be super clear here. T I am more than enrolled in you as a coach and human being. What I would love to see is you flexing your enrollment muscle and not just stopping because you have an insane travel scheduled. What would Bill Gates do?

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