Reply To: Absences & Team Breakdowns

 Tiffany Turner

Sabs – thanks for the call forth. One of my growth edges is to bring things sooner, so please continue to call on me when you see me hiding.

Team, I posted on forum last week requesting support around my absence at module 2. Nichole and LKT have shared what they see for me, and I’d love to hear from the rest of team. I’ve distinguished new things since last week’s post, so I’ll put in where I’m at here.

I’m exhausted, completely to my own doing. Looking backwards, I’m at the tail end of 24 round trip flights/trips between May 24 and now. I didn’t think I could do this, and then I did, and it’s caused important breakdowns in communication, well being, and time management. I’m messy, and in the middle of breakthroughs in all three of these areas.

From what Jeff and Sabrina have shared, it seems I’ve left you feeling disconnected from what I’m upto or committed to in team, and I’m so sorry for that. Inside my commitment to a breakthrough in Drama, I notice I’m holding back for fear that what I bring will be labeled as dramatic, regardless what it is, and that may be how we’ve arrived here, 5 days before module 2, and with team being unclear where I’m at with missing 1.5 days of module 2. This is so not my commitment, and it’s a part of my Bring It Sooner breakthrough + my Breaking Up the Drama breakthrough, so thanks for your support and grace.

Looking forward, I don’t have it in me to declare big results, if I did, I’d be unlikely to deliver, simply because from a time perspective (one of my declared breakthroughs), my days are full and there’s no time left for me to take on big declarations that require big action. And I can see that I’ve made it up that missing 1.5 days of module would or should require that.

From “I can’t handle it” I’m more than willing to cancel my Phoenix trip and be in SD with you all Saturday morning. From breakthroughs in Trust and Support, my request is that team work with me to cover my responsibilities the first day and a half of module 2, and give me the day and a half fully off to be with my PHX commitment.

Please bring your voices here and share what you see!

<3 T.

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