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The discussion around absence enrollments and who are we going to be reminded of me of a time when I used to work for a large company. Some of us were parents and some were not. I remember having a discussion with a coworker who didn’t have kids or really much responsibility outside of work. He was frustrated that parents were given “more time off” because they had to stay home with sick kids or pick them up from school or whatever. He didn’t think it was fair and that he should get the same amount of time off. He referred to being “punished” for not having kids.

Have you ever had this type of conversation with someone? I feel like we all have. Inequities creep up all over our lives.

My response to him was that although he didn’t have kids to take care of, he was a kid once. And his parents were the ones taking those extra minutes/hours/days from work to take care of him. And that someday he might be taking the minutes/hours/days from work to take care of his parents. If we’re viewing it from the place of community and not individual, it’s a different conversation.

Sabrina missed a half day for her leadership graduation. Heck yes! T missed a day and a half for a wedding. Who would want to miss an event that important? I don’t know what’s up with Phoenix, but I’m sure it’s a big deal to T.

I personally wouldn’t want to miss any time unless it was something really important. I have it that we all want to spend as much time as possible with each other, our participants, and the work. Nobody wants to miss anything. So when we do, my inclination is to just be understanding and know that each of us will likely have something come up throughout the year that will take us away and we will want the team to support our absence.

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