Reply To: The Impact of Our Super Powers

 Juliana Sih

Oh this is so great! Thanks for bringing this conversation T. Will have to watch that documentary, wish there was one for Elon 😉

I had to think about this for a bit, but I believe my superpowers are vision, pattern recognition, and connection.

Where are you avoiding the growth of your super power? Vision, I am great at seeing the big picture, but without execution and action, nothing is created. So at times, and to varying degrees, I avoid taking action that would service my vision. I get lost in the vision and it seems so big and “impossible” that I end up with false starts. With pattern recognition from SM, I use it to find whats wrong rather than identifying problem, take the lesson and iterate. I am in process of growth in this area. Connection is easy for me, often not with client game though. There is a growth edge for me to be comfortable and confident in being coach. My “need to be liked” can hijack and then, well you know…Also there is more for me to grow into with my family and my communication style with them.

What’s possible when you’re known around the world, for that super power? I believe that the inner work creates the outer work, inner peace caused world peace, and when we realize our potential the world will be filled with the genius of humanity.

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