Reply To: Service Project Vision

 Juliana Sih

Hey team!

Took me a little time to reread these messages and loved all the golden nuggets from reflections + enrollments.

I spent sometime thinking about both my experiences with the service project. BINGO sounds fun and great, but I see where Britt is pointing that it could be a distraction. There is little focus on the people there but more on the game itself. I don’t see as much time for connection with the peeps and Being with them. The VA last year was “more” confronting. The experience I had was that the VA seemed like a playground where there were the popular people, the shy ones and the loners. It was interesting to watch the interactions. But our only job there was to connect with people and later have lunch with them. There was more Being with the people at the VA.

So all that to say, Sabrina you are a rockstar, thanks for swinging over and over again and getting our 3 options.

I am enrolled in the option where our participants have to interact with more people. Where they have to be, even with their discomfort.

Thats what I got for now <3

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