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 Jeff Miller

Hey everyone,

We are currently still with 1 viable option for our therapist. Mike is still in process of connecting with his 2 leads. How is everyone else doing with their leads? Does anyone else have anyone that would meet our COS? I am not exactly sure what anyone else on team is doing. It feels like a couple of people are still reaching out to possible therapist, and it feels like others are thinking things are handled. Can everyone respond to this thread today by noon with what they are taking on to produce two more options?

In the meantime, I would love to tell you a little bit more about Sarah Cooke Ruggera. Sarah is T’s lead that she connected me with. Sarah has been a therapist since 1994 and has worked with coaches on numerous occasions. She is more than qualified to come and speak to our participants. But as I mentioned on our production call, what I love about Sarah is her being. She is relaxed, confident, fun and energetic. And really easy to speak with. I think her energy and expertise would make for a wonderful speaker and also a potential resource for our participants moving forward.

I am standing for us as a team to generate 2 more therapists by Noon today so Charlie and I can finalize our enrollment for The One by 4pm today. Thanks for the support team.

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