Reply To: 1/2 day break

 Sabrina Pratt

Thank you very much!

Brittany, I am aligned with your half day break being on Monday morning. I have it that our team will be fully sourced and as service project leader I will own the field trip and we will have all duties covered. Totally good with me!

I would like to take my half day break on Tuesday afternoon.

I know this means I will “miss” the Tuesday evening clearing with the entire team at the close of the module and that time is precious to me. I am interested in generating enrollment with team around the possibility of joining team virtually via zoom on someone’s laptop. I want to create a Both And where I can use Tuesday afternoon as my break AND be with team for clearing.

I am also going to partner with team around assigning buddies as I have it that this will happen on Tuesday afternoon.

Team, what do you see and say? Are you aligned in me taking my half day break on Tuesday afternoon?

All my love;

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