Reply To: Therapist leader enrollment

 Jeff Miller

Hey Team! Here are our two options for therapist:

Sarah – Sarah is T’s lead that she connected me with. Sarah has been a therapist since 1994 and has worked with coaches on numerous occasions. She is more than qualified to come and speak to our participants. But as I mentioned on our production call, what I love about Sarah is her being. She is relaxed, confident, fun and energetic. And really easy to speak with. I think her energy and expertise would make for a wonderful speaker and also a potential resource for our participants moving forward.

Arianna – Arianna was brought to us by Nichole. Arianna is a Marriage and Family therapist and also has expertise in addiction and is getting her doctrine in more disciplines as we speak. Arianna is ease, light and energy. She just spoke at a conference about bridging the gap between coaching and therapy, with an emphasis in working together at promoting both fields. Really amazing person and our participants would be well served having her speak.

Charlie and I would like to enroll you in Arianna. She has worked with coaches and has a prepared discussion around coaching and therapy. She gets coaches and fully gets where our participants are at in their journey. She has a mission to work alongside coaches and we think this would be amazing to have in the room. We feel like our participants will be held and taken care of during her presentation.

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