Reply To: 1/2 day break

 Brittany Cotton

Hey team,

In speaking to Kerry and Jeff I saw what I was missing in choosing Monday am as my half day off. I would like to take back my original post 🙂

My request is to have Sunday afternoon off!

Sabrina- Your enrollment lands a little flat, like its simply:  “I would like this.” Versus letting us know whats up, whats possible for you in this BOTH AND, what you see for team, etc. Currently I am not aligned, and part is cause I’m not actually clear what you are enrolling us in other than the logistics.


PS something to keep in mind is that Tuesday of this module all the new participants will be getting their new coach, and there may also be some switches. So it would be a breakdown for any one of us to not be there on the day we get assigned another or a new participant!

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