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Ok practicing simple and complete work over here.

First, my experience of this thread is of us getting up under each other, being a demand for each other’s lives to work, businesses to thrive, leadership to grow. None of this works if we do have each other and have the team so LOVE Sabs bold risk, Jeff’s invitation to garbage can the garbage and keep the good stuff, T’s relentless And love-fueled call forth that I be my word – that’s how I want us to be with each other around IT ALL.

Around absences in particular, I want team to look at and for the person’s breakthroughs. What serves and calls forth their next level around what we are playing for? It’s like if we were to look at how we want to be about yellow T-shirts….there wouldn’t be a one size or style fits all, but we’d look at what that person says they want and we’d talk about and get enrolled in that person wearing it or not inside of their specific stuff and with their specific gaps etc, cuz it doesn’t matter if we’re talking vacation, absences, or T-shirts, how we each bring a conversation around what we want is a realllllly rich place to look at having and creating what we want everywhere – and supporting other humans to do the same!

T I am aligned with your absence this module, as you swung to come back with communication if this absence and have been swinging and owning and playing and communications and supporting. I’m not sure I’m enrolled in anything other than you, but my request going forward is that you just keep showing up like this – being enrolling and enrolling people and being for team and turning up your completion like it occurs you are doing. No more getting needs met sideways, no more surprise take outs, dramatic distractions.

Lastly, I have an event in March that conflicts with Sat & Sun of Module 4 (March) and it’s an event that’s been on my calendar since May, which I neglected to catch when I turned in my attendance agreement. So! My intention is to get crystal clear on my desire for where my body, brain and heart will be those days and to create something with ample time with this team. In other words I’m calling it a declared absence and I intent to fully own enrollment around what I create there. Who will own me around this?



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