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 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Team!

I am so grateful to all of you for all of the space you are creating with me to learn, to grow, to get uncomfortable and messy and try and try again. You are wonderful and awesome and I am so down to continue playing and practicing with this team this year!

So- here we go: I have not been able to get in touch with Julio at Golden Living. I finally did hear back from him today but his email said he can only talk on the phone from 7am-10am on Wednesdays which wouldn’t have me in touch with him to get the details for our visit flat. Also, I have heard from team that the particulars around Bingo may not serve our intention to have our participants in a space where they can truly BE WITH and not hide in the doing. On that note. Which is actually a great note- I had a really cool opportunity to be witness to myself at a choice point today. I had a super busy day today AND I noticed that not having the service project flat and the team completely enrolled had me in a space with a decision to make. In the interest of full ownership and loudspeaker I want to share a really valuable either/or that occurred in my life today!

I could either:

A) get super ticked off that the service project wasn’t flat and throw my hands in the air and be like “why can’t everyone from Julio to this lady in front of me in line get their stuff together? This world would be so much more peaceful without people in it! Omigod. I am a failure and a loser and I have let the team down and blown it and now they will all know what a hot mess express I actually am!!!” So, it’s like this super gnarly cycle of self-hatey righteous victim.

AND. I don’t want to give into that or let that bizarre lose/lose mechanism drive my sweet, sweet car anymore so choice time…


B) get clear, get complete, get into my being and then see what happens! Get into some possibility and don’t over complicate things…ya know. Like, come from a powerful place in this whole thing!


Anyway. I chose item B. Team, please read my enrollment post. I am really, really thrilled about it. It makes me feel giddy with excitement to share with all of you!!!

Yes yes AND YES!

All my love;




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