Reply To: Service Project Vision

 Charlie Horn


what a joy you are to partner with and experience the life of possibility. You are resilience, peace, generation, light, beauty, leader. I love when something is reflected as all perfect. And I love how you are on the lookout for the positive consequence in it all.

I am enrolled St. Paul’s. I am you partner in lunch and I see the connection and team possibility in creating the lunch on the lawn after St. Paul’s. I can even bring a folding table some plates and plastic utensils. It was an especially unique and bonding experience last year when we were camp out style picnicking. Let’s make this happen for sure. What a great opportunity for the participants and us to be together in a more intimate setting surrounded by and connected to nature. I am enrolled, willing and able to support the logistics and needs of our team and the participant team  for a picnic lunch.  

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