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 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Julianna & Team!

I just had such a “duh” lightbulb literally JUST NOW! I have a guest client suggestion who is AMAZING!!! Her name is Sonia and I got connected with her via Nichole. Sonia is sunshine, radiance, brilliance, beauty, grace, wisdom and power. She totally gets coaching, she gets projects and is highly motivated to change her life, empower coaching and ready to rock. Sonia just recently joined my practice as one of my pro bono clients. Such a rare offer for me to make these days as I am building my client game! I just really connected with her and am so stoked about what she is up to and creating in the world!!! She has so much heart and love to give. She is so open and joyful despite so many frustrating, painful circumstances.

Julianna- I have invited Sonia to be my guest at observation on Saturday and she will be there so there may be opportunity to meet with her in person on Saturday. Also, I believe she would be willing to be and would make an incredible guest client. She has a flexible day time schedule, too.

I will reach out to her asap tomorrow and connect her with you tomorrow.

All my love;


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