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 Brittany Cotton

Hey Sabrina,

Thanks for taking a stab at enrollment, and creating something entirely new and fresh. I also loved Hugo when I connected with him, and I know exactly what you are talking about about the being of those who are working at St Paul’s. Complete love, patience, and happiness. I am fully  enrolled in St Pauls. And I have a couple of questions: what exactly will be occurring from 1030-11? Will we have a place to be with people? Is there a common area? Are we simply waiting for them to go to lunch, or is there a set plan during that half hour transition?

Regarding Lunch: I am not enrolled, though I appreciate your looking outside the box to create something special in service of team and community. What you are proposing (asking the participants ahead of time to bring their lunch the next day, dress a certain way, etc) is in direct contrast to the intention of this field trip. We don’t not tell the participants ANYTHING about what will be happening Monday on purpose. The service project was created intentionally so as to leave the participants in the unknown, and have no idea whats coming and no time to think or plan or wonder. Every aspect of this field trip is intentional and designed a particular way. I love that you are looking and bringing your own flair, and my request is that your ownership and vision is in integrity with the intention of the project, and this current lunch proposal is not.

I have no qualms about a picnic, and I have it we could still create one, but I am not enrolled in asking of our participants anything the night before, giving them any idea that something will be different the next day and to prepare, or asking them to bring food for all on top of their own lunch. What about a picnic where we have food everyone ordered from somewhere we can pick up? Also, I see that this same vision can be created in a restaurant as well, and allow for less planning and doing, in service of sourcing our team as well as the participants.

Would you please take this training and swing again around lunch?

Who else has something for Sabrina??

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