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Sabrina, thank you for putting this post up, I was able to review it in transit and am drafting my response on the flight.
It sounds like you’ve created a level of partnership with Hugo at St. Paul’s that presents us with a great option for our Service Project and with only a few logistical items to address as a team. Thank you for being at cause for that result, it’s something I have it you and a few others on our team are especially reliable for.
Here’s what I am enrolled in. I see that regardless of where we end up and who we serve, you created a relationship to the game and to yourself as leader of it that had you produce a result without the predictable and familiar degree of struggle/fight and experience a breakthrough with how you relate to yourself and others. I love that. What do you say that breakthrough is and what can we as a team count on your from here on as a result of that?
There are two pieces I’m not yet enrolled in. With my eye on the team, my experience of supporting you was that it was burdensome to you and that you wanted to handle it and bring it to the team connection once there was a positive result to share, but that until then you were on your own, left to your automatics or to have a breakthrough, (which I’m so jazzed for you and us that you chose), but which occurred like you chose it alone, and we can now celebrate you around a job well done and which has us miss out on celebrating as a team for what we got to come together around and co-create. We didn’t hear collectively that you hadn’t created anything with Golden Living until you had a replacement plan, for instance.
I’m seeing this is some of what gets created on a team of reliable doers, who are able to produce results even if from SM and who might collectively miss out on some breakthroughs. I’m interested in what team can distinguish about how the game went from Team?
For me, I see some places where I could have created a level of ownership of the project and the team in a way that could have had this flat with team fully enrolled with ease and room to breathe before module. It’s inside of what I’m working on everywhere, especially with my Home Team – so it’s no surprise that I can reflect in you Sabs a pattern of handling something separate and alone before coming out to ta-daa! with some results. Who else will share?
I’m willing to be complete with this and get enrolled in St. Paul’s.
I would love to hear more about the community we are serving. Who will be there between 10:30-12pm, and other than a chance to BE with them, Sabrina as leader what do you see for the participants in serving THIS population?
I’m also not yet enrolled in potluck/BYO lunch. I’m enrollable in a picnic dynamic and the connection opportunities available, but would love to have an option that doesn’t require all of us to procure a lunch for ourselves the night before or morning of.
Looking forward to being with you all tomorrow!
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