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Sabrina, thanks for figuring this all out. I can imagine it was frustrating trying to get the dang thing to happen that everyone was finally enrolled in, only to have to go and find a new idea. But that’s what you do: go out and create more possibility. I’m enrolled in your plan AND I have an idea for the picnic that I think will be a win/win! My mom LOOOOOOVES providing food for people. We could have everyone pitch in a certain $$ amount (I recall last year we were told to bring $6 for lunch so we could eat at the facility — we can do something similar) and have my mom pack a picnic lunch for the team and set it up for us ahead of time so it’s all ready when we get there. She could coordinate with Charlie to have the blankets/chairs/ice/etc. I’m not married to that idea if y’all don’t see it, but I think it would be a win/win to create the picnic environment without us having to actually source the food ourselves or give away the surprise to the participants. They can each just bring $10 or something. Thoughts?

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