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 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Team!

Tomorrow is our visit to St. Paul’s Senior Center located at 235 Maple St. 

We will break from the morning’s distinguished sharing at 10am and will load into cars by 10:15am.

We will be at St. Paul’s from 10:30am-12pm. We will meet with the residents and our participants will have the opportunity to just be with residents who are coming out of morning activities and making their way to the dining hall for lunch. Lunch at St. Paul’s begins at 11am. Our participants will have the opportunity to be with the residents.

Other logistical items:

*We will carpool to and from The Sheraton. St. Paul’s. Car assignments are posted below.

We will leave St. Paul’s at 12pm and lunch will be with your car.

We will return to the Sheraton and will sit for the afternoon at 1:30 tomorrow.

Team- please review car assignments. What do you see? What do you say?

all my love;



Car Assignments:

Charlie: Nancy, Brittany, LKT, Lauren S

Nichole: Sarah, Don, Ryan Muldoon, T

Mike D: Jonathan, Vicky, Lesa

JuSih: Sab, Valerie, Ryan Mac

Jeff: Brianna, Andrew, Steve


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