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 Brittany Cotton

Wow Nichole!

You have such a beautiful way of sharing that has me right there with you. I got goosebumps when I read the part about Indonesia.

I am so excited for this weekend! I think it is so powerful. In my participant year my sister came as my first guest. It was so cool to have her there. She is a spiritual healer, shaman, coach, etc. And it allowed us to have such an amazing conversation about this work, her work, the connection, etc. She leads Spirit Animal retrieval workshops, where she trains people how to retrieve spirit animals for others– T and I were talking about how cool it would be if she came down the Friday before the module and we all did this as a team. If people are interested I am happy to share more and see what we can create.

I grew up in a Jewish house hold, and freaking hated it. There were times I enjoyed the services, but I would never tell my parents that. I had a lot of attitude if I was “made to do” something. The deal was that once we had our Bat Mitzvah’s it was our choice if we ever wanted to go back… I have not. Not because I don’t believe in Judaism or like it, but my connection and relationship with Spirit and God is totally through the Universe, versus an organized religion. Other than Judaism being in our household, I would say I was also raised with Shamanism. My parents best friend while I was growing up was a Shaman and my parents did a ton of energy/spirit work with her. My sophomore year of high school we went to Peru for a few months and went to every sacred Incan site with a Shaman and did rituals. My spirit animal growing up was a Giraffe, and as of a few years ago it was a Salmon. The day the Salmon was brought back to me was so powerful/magical. I definitely want to share with you all about that, but I have to run! Another time.

Like Nichole I have been to many many churches, mosques, etc all over the world. And I’m always in awe of their beauty and energy. And its a very similar experience I get to being alone in nature. My family has thousands of acres in Oregon. Before Ashland was settled many of the surrounding tribes held ceremony and rituals on the land. We have a labyrinth and many other sacred spaces, that people come from all over to visit.

I will bring different items and books. I will also buy the Koran and bring that!

I am fully enrolled in what you are bringing and who you are being about it!

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