Reply To: Vacay-who?!

 Jeff Miller

Thanks Brittany! I am totally aligned to you not being on those calls and fully embracing vacations and well-being.

This is definitely something I am also taking a look at for myself. For myself, the biggest factor in my well-being is sleep hours. When I was a pro athlete I would sleep 10-11 hours a day. Now I am lucky if I get 7. I usually hit between 5-6 and that won’t cut it. I have been practicing going to bed earlier so that I can feel refreshed. Still working on when the kids wake me up during the middle of the night, but so far going to bed early is helping. Also for me consistency with everything is huge. Consistent conversations about coaching, workouts, and healthy eating. And that I don’t have to be perfect or have the best workout. Literally everything is helpful and keeping it going is my focus.

As far as our vacay goes…we are set to go to SB Monday and Tuesday as planned and we will be adding another vacation in the next 3 months. We want to have at least a 2 night/3 day minimum for these vacations. In September I will be going to a conference in New Orleans over Steph’s birthday and she will be joining me. This will be a nice 5 days vacation. So we will be taking on a winter, spring and fall vacation for 2020 and we will be planning these over the next month. Thanks for the support team!

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