Reply To: Vacay-who?!

 Tiffany Turner

Britt, I’m aligned and thoroughly look forward to who you get to Be on the other side of a proper vacation.

Jeff, is the NOLA trip 5 days of you and Steph and no work? Or that’s the conference + vacation of you/Steph no work? Or it’s a 5 day conference and Steph will be there? Sometimes, your efficiency monster delivers info so compactly, that I miss the sneakiness in there. Are you aligned in me and team listening for that? And really getting up under you about taking proper 4+ day vacations and sourcing yourself + your marriage?

Britt, I’m constantly impressed at your time management skills, and while I heard your, “I’d rather not take a well being day and then have even more calls other days” comment on Marco Polo, I’m not aligned in you being unable to take a day off (whether that’s simple math of more calls than possible in a day, or a mindset that you can’t/shouldn’t/would rather not take the day off). As a team, we all have a growth edge in well being, and as a leader of our team, my request is that you model the next level of this for yourself, from a place of Having It All. If life doesn’t work when you have to take one or two days off, then maybe it’s time for a redesign? It might start with raising your rate and having fewer clients :), or something else. I dunno. Can I support in this?

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