Reply To: Mike D breakdown and support request

 Sabrina Pratt

Hi Mike and Team!

I sent Mike a text last night in the interest of playing out loud on team 🙂 and I also see opportunity to share more here, too.

Mike- I totally get the desire to pull away and “take a break.” You are not alone. With each mile I drove North from San Diego after the last module I felt more relaxed and easeful. I know what it is to have a very strong inclination to “cut and run” when it is “too much.” I also know that I am capable of creating that relaxed, easeful space even in the face of confronting, annoying, uncomfortable and challenging stuff. I know you are powerful enough to do that for yourself. So are we all. And we are even more powerful together.

I thought and meditated on the conversation I would have with Ryan Muldoon since I was “owning” him at the last module around not quitting when he felt like it. Basically, I kept it real short and sweet, at lunch after service project, I said, “Hey man, this program and this work is actually designed to have you want to quit so if you quit when you want to quit then all you have done is commit to living the exact life that got you here in the first place, you know, the life you don’t want to be living any more. If you stay in when you want to quit and just decide that you will be IN no. matter. what. and all of what that means, then you actually create an opportunity for yourself to live a different sort of life from the inside out.”

I am so happy that God gave me those words for Ryan. Because God actually gave me those words for me. Because, lo and behold, only a few hours after that conversation I was like, “Fuck. This. I want out.” And God was like, “Naw, girl, you listen to yourself over there. And you stay IN. And that means truly IN. Like, not just in the room being all weird and tense and manic, that means like IN and ON this team. Let them love you.”

So, Mike, that’s what I got for you, buddy. Let us love you, gosh darn it! We already do love you!!! Are you willing to allow us to support you and hold you up with our love? Are you willing to actually get all the way IN this damn swimming pool? The water is warm. And not from poop soup. Promise.

Would you be willing to share with us what it would mean for you life if you did get ALL THE WAY IN with your commitment to this team, to your client game, to your relationships and to your whole life? What does ALL THE WAY IN mean to you? What does that create in your life? I am so excited to hear what that would be for you!!!

Love you;


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