Reply To: Spirituality Display Enrollment

 Jeff Miller

Hey Team,

Thank you Nichole for your vision and who you are being around the spiritual display. I am enrolled in what your vision is, except you coming early and setting up prior to when the team arrives. Is there a way where we can all support the table being set up as a team after our morning huddle?

My spiritual journey didn’t start until I was 18. At 6 years old my parents sat me down and asked if I would like to go to church, synagogue, or play sports on Sunday. I replied with sports and they never brought it up again. It wasn’t until I was at a low point in my life that I picked up the Bible and read it from front to cover in 2 months. That started my discovery that led me to be baptized on July 9, 2009. I identify as a Christian, but for myself my relationship with God is the most important. It has been really cool to have my kids involved in Church and Church activities, since I did not have that experience. What I love about the Essence of most of the major religions, is that at their core, they are very similar. All of them encompass some form of the Golden Rule, which is still aligned (in theory) with society. I can go on and on about this topic, but I will stop now.

I will bring some Christian items as well as some of the books I read in my Journey like God is Not Real.

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