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Hi Sabrina! I’m enrolled in you doing this, but not necessarily for the reasons you gave. Personally, I have very little energy behind anyone missing calls, which is probably something for me to look at. Maybe? Maybe not. Sounds like something you really want to do and would be a great opportunity to build community and be in the presence of people who will make you feel good. I know that every time I hang out with all you beautiful people, I leave feeling like I can do anything. I am going to miss our time together this month. I need that connection. I know you need it too, Sabrina… That connection with beautiful souls who just fill you up. I’m enrolled in that for you, always.

The thing I don’t need is a promise around registration as part of the enrollment. I notice that’s a thing, like dangling a registration carrot to gain enrollment. I’m not just talking about you, but in general. We all create opportunities all of the time to be in registration conversations and I could probably make a list of ten things I could do this week where I could put myself in registration conversations with people, and maybe some of it would conflict with my other commitments, maybe it wouldn’t. But I would like to see that as a separate thing from enrollment around absences. It just lands funny for me. But again, could totally be my own weirdness. Is it? I am totally open to feedback and reflection.

Anyway. I’m enrolled. Have fun!! Get some love!!

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